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The first thing you need to know is that internet poker is somewhat different from a live one. The difference isn’t that big, but internet poker amateurs find it a somewhat confusing nevertheless. Firstly, money transfer system might seem complicated in first, but once you’ve familiarized yourself with terms and conditions, you will easily overcome this obstacle.

In that view, we recommend to all internet poker amateurs to try their luck with full tilt poker first. Namely, it allows direct deposits to your internet account. On top of that, full tilt poker has the best rake compared to other poker games – 3-7% (compared to 10% in case of other poker games). As the majority of internet poker rooms offers free deposit bonuses, most likely you will get a 100% matched one (the limit is $600, though).

Furthermore, additional bonuses are also bestowed to the most loyal players by every internet poker room. These vary from referral bonuses to various extra options. To familiarize yourself with the house rules, make sure to read terms and conditions of the target internet poker room.

Before you start playing, keep to the standard gambling rules. In brief, these portend:
1. Set your goals
2. Define your budget and always stick to it
3. Banish all emotions when gambling
4. Never borrow money or listen to your opponents’ advices
5. Never chase your losses
6. Stop gambling if you have lost 10% of your initial investment

Have a care to be realistic in your expectations. Assessing your skills and setting the goal is the trickiest part. As for the first, if unsure, test your internet poker skills against other players (use virtual money collected from bonuses) first. As for the latter, define your deposit in accordance with your goals. If your aim is, say, to get a 10% return, you might start will lower sums first.

All of the guidelines above are prone to changes, as neither your skill nor your finances are set in stone. The key is to maintain common sense and be realistic at all times. Should you keep to these few simple rules, you will easily become a pro in no time.

All being said, the next step is for you to sign up at the internet poker room(s) of your choice. We at InternetPoker.info have selected the best ones on the web. Each of our recommended sites is licensed, secure, and 100% risk-free. Sign up now to start collecting free bonuses!

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